Echoing Charleston’s historic charm and architectural grace, The Dewberry has become a sought-after venue for all seeking timeless elegance. As with every experience at the hotel, the venues for meetings and special events are Charleston’s best in class.

The Dewberry has unique and signature spaces for all conference, wedding and social affairs. For inquiries and availability, please contact our experienced events team by emailing or calling 843-558-8000.


The ballroom, a work of art. A canvas in which to paint. Step into a vision of beauty prepared and thoughtfully curated to envelop the sense of luxury, warmth and elegance for all who enter. The central focal point of the room, the Viennese cast brass and crystal chandelier housed in 16’ troweled plaster ceilings, balances the scape of antique mirrors, French doors, Douglas Balentine artwork and the Walled Garden that awaits beyond.

A nod to old Charleston. The ballroom houses 1,800 square feet of space, accommodating events up to 160.


Looking beyond the classic Charleston Ballroom, is the walled garden containing 2,250 square feet of stunning space. The Charleston live oak, ivy covered historic brick walls, and bluestone walkways make the garden the ideal space for any gathering.

This unique space accommodates 150 guests alone and 300 in combination with the adjacent ballroom.


In about 5 seconds, you can turn 360 degrees and experience all the cranes gracing the panels of The Dewberry’s Swanston Room. This precious, gilded room of movement and light tells a story of migration, of mystical movement through time and space, from one location to another, with an ultimate return home.
Gilded with silver, pewter and 22-carat gold, this piece of art by Thomas Swanston is inspired by the half million Sandhill Cranes that migrate through the Rowe Sanctuary in Nebraska—the largest annual migration in North America. The 22 panels at The Dewberry feel as though they have been preserved from an older home, then re-installed and creatively reimagined—much like The Dewberry itself.